Why Boss Track Will Make DeFi Better

There has been a long standing problem with DeFi, and that is just being able to see what your portfolio is doing.

Doing a simple task such as checking how much your wallet’s tokens are worth typically takes a user minutes of signing into a decentralized exchange using MetaMask or Truswallet, then pairing their tokens to USDT on a decentralized exchange, one by one.

It is an undeniably a poor user experience. Something as simple as just checking the price of your tokens, requires multiple time consuming steps for a user, wasting minutes out of people’s days. This needs to change.

So, we have made Boss Track to save people’s time.

What is Boss Track?

We are developing a dApp website that simply tracks the portfolio of someone’s Ethereum and BSC wallets. This gives people a simple ‘at a glance’ break down of what your DeFi assets are doing.

Boss Track DeFi Portfolio Tracker

Users will be able to see the profits and losses of their overall portfolio as well as a breakdown of each of the coins in their wallets. This ends the ‘clunky’ previous user experience of having to sign in through a decentralized wallet, and compare tokens to a stablecoin on a decentralized exchange each time you want to check your portfolio.

Connecting a wallet address is easy, simply connect it through Web3, or paste your wallet address manually in the website for the portfolio tracking to begin.

This will be compatible with both Ethereum and BSC wallets. You can switch which chain you want to track with a click of a button. Effortlessly allowing DeFi users to check what is going on in their Ethereum and BSC wallets.

Cross chain is the focus, naturally there are options for future chains such as Solana, Polygon and so on.

The Use Case for Boss Token

As alluded to before, Boss Token will now have a use case. Holding Boss Token allows users to access premium features on Boss Track, improving the user experience.

Holding a certain amount of Boss Token will unlock the following features;

  • Percentage change of profits & losses on each coin (24 hour, 7 day & lifetime).
  • Connect multiple wallets on the same browser.
  • Removal of banner ads displayed on the site.
  • Convert portfolio value to local currencies outside of US Dollar.

This in essence, makes holding Boss Token a key to unlocking the premium experience of DeFi.

Desktop dashboard for Boss Track.

The aim is to make the dApp so useful, people will buy Boss Token simply to use the features of Boss Track. Giving the token an inherent value as a replacement of a traditional monthly subscription model many online products use.

As of now, we are considering the quantity of Boss Token to be held to gain access. As it stands, we are looking at 1 billion $BOSS ($50~). This is a cost affordable ‘entry ticket’ into using the premium features, however it may be subject to change.

At the very least, the minimum amount of Boss Token to hold will not increase. However the US Dollar value could go up, giving people some added incentive to buy Boss Token earlier rather than later.

In regards to ads, we are currently only looking to have banner ads on the desktop and mobile site for users with a ‘free wallet’. This allows Boss Track to be monetizable even without someone using the premium features. Funds from ads can then be used to put back into the project, marketing costs, legal costs, centralized exchange listing fees for example.

However, the main focus is to make Boss Track a genuine improvement of the DeFi experience, saving people time. In addition, have Boss Token receive positive buy pressure as a natural tie in with the product.

We plan to develop Boss Track over the coming weeks and months to be as smooth and user friendly as possible.

Boss Token is a community driven DeFi cryptocurrency, with the aim to become the boss of Dogcoins!